The Sweet Spot – Ulysses Owens Jr.

Ulysses Owens Jr. breaks down the importance of finding the sweet spot on the drums and cymbals.

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This is Ulysses Owens Jr. with Two-Minute Jazz. Playing in the Sweet Spot. The sweet spot is that place on the drum set where every sound is in the right place.

So, on the ride cymbal, it’s right in the meaty part of the cymbal like this (cymbal).

With the snare drum is in the center of the drum like this (drum beat). On the tile like this (tap) on the floor top like this (boom).

When you play consistently in the sweet spot that is where the best sound of the drums and the cymbal come out when you’re playing in other parts of the drum set is very inconsistent and it’s not full. So you’ve got to always make sure you play in the sweet spot like this.

This is not the sweet spot. (shallow percussive sounds)

So when you’re playing on the edges of the drums you’re not getting the best sound. It’s only when you’re playing in the center of the drum, that you’re getting the best sound. Same thing with the cymbal.
That’s the meaty part.
Same thing.
Same thing here with the high hat.

So, you got to make sure you know where the sweet spot is and where it’s not so that you can always consistently play in the sweet spot.