2 Triads for THAT Gospel Vibe – Peter Martin | 2 Minute Jazz

Peter Martin shows you 2 triads you can use to add some gospel flavor to your playing.

What’s going on everybody? Peter Martin here for 2 Minute Jazz. Hope you’re doing great. Just wanna talk a little bit more about getting that gospel sound, that gospel feel, that gospel sensibility into your jazz and groove playing. I’m gonna give you just two triads. I’m gonna give you – they’re already out there! We’re looking at G-flat major.

(soulful piano music)

Little simple progression going down to B-flat minor. So a lotta ways to get there, but if you just take a D-flat major triad an an E-flat minor triad. And basically, you can do it with either hand, you should learn it in both hands. But if we just move up to the next inversion, so if we start, and this is over G-flat, okay? So we’re in G-flat major.

(soulful piano music)

We’re in G-flat major so we’ll take a D-flat major triad first. And then we go E-flat minor triad, D-flat major first inversion, E-flat minor second inversion, I mean first inversion. D-flat major second inversion, E-flat minor, et cetera. You get it. And I mean, there’s always opportunities to do some grace notes, a little bit of blues playing. But there’s a lot of melodic applications for these same triads.

(bluesier soul piano music)

Okay, but just those two triads can take you far to get that sound. Happy practicing!

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