“All The Things You Are” Chord Arrangement | Adam Maness

An arrangement/etude aimed at advanced players that focuses on voice leading and “inside movers” in solo piano playing.

Voice Leading – I’m trying to follow some basic rules of voice leading without being too strict about it. I’m still using my ears to guide me to the sound I want, striving to get the richest colors I can without leaving the tone of the tune. I tried to use as little duplicate notes as possible and give each voice it’s own line when possible.

Inside Movers – Because “All The Things You Are” has a melody that is based almost exclusively around the 3rd of each chord, it makes a great tune to practice “inside movers” around the 5th, 6th, and 7th of the chord. I tried to vary it up but certainly leaned on some old favorites (moving around the #5 sounds so good!) throughout the arrangement.


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