Girl From Ipanema Voicings – Romero Lubambo | 2-Minute Jazz

Romero Lubambo demonstrates some sweet chord voicings on the Jobim Bossa Nova classic “Girl from Ipanema”.

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F# Major 7th.
F# minor with the 9.
A minor.
G minor with the 9 here because that’s the melody.
B flat minor 7th.
It’s E flat 7th.
That’s nice because this you can use in a lot of different songs. This type of 2-5, you know. This is A minor.

A minor 7th. I like this chord a lot, this is a D, A, D#, and G#.
This is basically a D chord, D with the flat 9 and the sharp 11 here.
You can do like this also. See? The D7 flat 9, sharp 11.
Then the same, same thing with the G minor.
I, a lot of times do:
This is a very beautiful type of 2-5-2-5-1. You know?

3 thoughts on “Girl From Ipanema Voicings – Romero Lubambo | 2-Minute Jazz”

  1. antonio pereira nunes kobler correa

    thank you Romero , mestre da guitarra , grande romero lubanbo , Romero i saw you one time in mistura fina , i have got to talh with you , many years ago , you started at conservatory brasileiro(classical) with a friend , i was a kid ,i hoppe for you , congrats and succes (many years)

  2. antonio pereira nunes kobler correa

    excuse me my words, i use portuguese or french actually , i work with guitar and bass guitar in a track making voicces, with loop of percussion or drums i think it is excelent to listening and learn to listeaning

  3. Thank you Mr. Lumbambo , I’m currently working through you yearly course and I am very pleased with my progress. I like your teacher style because you let students know that it is not necessary to play Jazz note for note . No two musicians should play these standards the same

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