Fun With Rudiments, Part 1 – Ulysses Owens Jr.

Ulysses Owens Jr. demonstrates some sweet ideas using a 5 stroke roll.

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It’s Ulysses Owens Jr. With “Two Minute Jazz.”

Having fun with rudiments: I’m taking a really cool rudiment by the name of “Five Stroke Roll.”

One two three four five.

(rhythmic drumming)

And having fun with it, taking it around the kit. A lot of times as young drummers, even older drummers, experienced drummers,
whatever part of the drummer thing you fall into, we all get bored and we wonder, man what do I do with these rudiments?

Especially the 28 Essential Rudiments. So one of those 28 Essential Rudiments being the “Five Stroke.” Like how do I move that around the kit? Once I’ve learned it what do I do with it?

So I like to explore and experiment and I’m gonna do that right now with the rudiment.

So I will play it for you again.
(rhythmic drumming)

A little faster.
(frantic drumming)

You can try different things like:
(rhythmic drumming)

Five stroke roll. Take it around the kit, play it with the cymbals.
Play it in any way you want. Just keep moving forward with it. Create a continual rhythm around it. Create continual phrases and
fills and setups around it, but just keep pushing the boundaries and using that rudiment, and never tiring of it, and figuring out how can you explore and have fun with it.

(rhythmic drumming)

Have fun with the rudiments.

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