Simple Secrets for a Great Samba Feel – Romero Lubambo | 2-Minute Jazz

Grammy winning Open Studio artist Romero Lubambo goes over some simple secrets to master the real Samba feel on guitar.

I’m Romero Lubambo for one more two minute jazz.
One thing that I use a lot when I’m playing, either with an ensemble, a lot of musicians or with a duo, with a piano player for example or another guitar. First of all we have to always listen all the time what the other musicians are playing and adapt.
But this thing of the upbeat playing. It’s something that’s not so easy to do.
It may sound simple.
(upbeat guitar music)
But it has to be really precise. The bass stays always in quarters notes.
Change the chord.
If the other musicians are playing for example.
(slower upbeat guitar music)
That will be the perfect compliment for that type of playing.
(energetic guitar music)
You can always use that anytime you play a Samba or with any group or type of group I think, and add a lot in terms of the swing, in terms of the feeling. But the bass in a quarter note, not more than that and just practice this.
(energetic guitar plucking)
It can be difficult in the beginning, but after you practice that and you’re comfortable doing that, it’s going to be very useful for you in the future.
Thank you very much.

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