One Easy Left Hand Comping Trick – Peter Martin

Peter Martin shows you a simple left hand comping technique that can add another layer of groove to your playing using only the root-5, 6, and 7.

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What’s goin’ on, everybody? Peter Martin here for Two Minute Jazz. Just wanted to throw one little left hand technique. We got a lotta cool things we can do over Chick Corea’s “Spain” to get that groove going.

But one that I realized I do sometimes, kinda wish I did it more, is just the concept of root and five, root and six, and root and seven. Real simple little melodic play.

So it’s just a little bit of a melodic concept. And you know, you gotta check on each chord which ones of ’em sound good, some of ’em sound better than others. But you can do ’em on almost every chord.

And you know, different orders, playing around with them, but it’s just a little bit of a melodic play, little countermelody thing to get a little action in the left hand that’s a little different than some other things.

All right, have fun. Happy practicing.

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