The Infamous Cherokee Lick – Sean Jones

Open Studio artist and master jazz trumpeter Sean Jones breaks down some great tips to the classic tune, Cherokee by Ray Noble.

What’s up everybody? Sean Jones. I’m doing two-minute jazz and a lot of people have asked me about the lick that I play on “Cherokee” quite often.

It’s a lick that I kind of stole from Charlie Parker a little bit. He does this thing… (sings lick)… you know? It’s kind of like this harmonic thing that he does with arpeggios, and this is how it goes…

(plays lick)… You know, kind of like that, alright?

Just to analyze this a little bit, I take the first chord there’s a Dbmin9. Start on the 9th… (plays lick)… Okay and then it goes to the major – the Bmaj for the next chord. Then it goes to… (plays next part)…

So you’re kind of playing on those upper extensions, you know, and you’re just working that through the bridge of Cherokee. Alright? It’s a fun thing to play, okay?

So you’re just kind of working that 9, the 9th of the chord, through that.

Just a quick tip if you want to check it out. Alright?


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