The Secret of the Baião Rhythm – Edu Ribeiro


Master Brazilian drummer Edu Ribeiro demonstrates the ever-funky north-eastern Baião rhythm.


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Hi, I am Edu Ribeiro and welcome to 2 Minute Jazz. 

That rhythm that I was playing is a Baião. Baião is another rhythm from the Northeast in Brazil and I just try to imitate the percussion lines for the drum set. 

What I’m doing here is simple. I’m taking the zabumba. That is a different instrument, the lower instrument for the rhythm, and trying to imitate for my bass drum. The zabumba we play with two sticks like that. Not with this way. 

You have two two two two hands to play but I’m trying to imitate in here. And what I’m going to do I take the lower part from the zabumba put from the bass drum like that. 

The highest part from the rhythm like that we call it Bacalão, making the syncopation things like that. 

I’m gonna put in my snare with my left hand and I’m trying to do that. 

And there’s another instrument there is the triangle that you put is the same instrument that you have in the symphony, the triangle from symphony but a different way to play. 

You play just the sixteen notes with some sound like that. Like the pandeiro in samba. I will try to imitate it with my hi-hat in my right hand like that. I’m trying to put together. 

Happy practicing and see you next time!

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