The Secret to Getting the Brazilian Feel – Edu Ribeiro

Edu Ribeiro reveals an exercise he created to add some swinging 16th notes in samba patterns.

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Hi, I am Edu Ribeiro and welcome to Two Minute Jazz. When you see the 16th note written like a samba pattern, and you have just something that’s so different, that when you have to play that rhythm. And the exercise that I created to make a real different 16th note with a little swing, it is something like that. 


You have to think, first, in the síncopa with the left hand. And two eighth notes with the right hand like that. And the other exercise, you think about three against two. Three with the left hand and two with the right hand. And now try playing two bars with the síncopa and two bars with the triplets against two. And now we have to take off the first note off my left hand of each tempo.


I hope that’s gonna help you to try to imitate that thing that people do in the school of samba. Just with your hi-hat. Okay, and that is something that you can find in my course from Open Studio. And you’re gonna have more details there. And I hope you enjoyed, and see you next time.

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