2-Handed Rhythmic Comping – Peter Martin

Peter Martin provides some examples of taking inspiration from hand drums for your comping.


What’s going on everybody? Peter Martin here for 2 Minute Jazz. Wanna talk to you this week about two-handed rhythmic comping ideas. Now, it’s so effective to comp with both hands, where we’re linked up rhythmically.

But what about if we can combine a little bit of two handed stuff? So the idea with this, and what I want you to think about for inspiration, is somebody playing the hand drums, right?

So it’s a little bit different sound, and we take that to the two hands. And we can go back and forth to being linked up. That’s where it gets really fun.

But the syncopation that we can create between the hands is really exciting.

Okay, little idea for you. So just think about those hand drums. Alright, happy practicing.

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