Tonguing Secrets – Sean Jones | 2-Minute Jazz

Open Studio artist Sean Jones goes over some of his keys to tonguing on the trumpet, and exercises he does to practice.

What’s up everybody? Sean Jones two-minute jazz here. This is not necessarily related to jazz, but related to pedagogy. I’m gonna talk about tonguing a little bit. Specifically multiple tonguing.

I like to do different multiple tonguing in my practicing, also on my solo playing. Alright, double tonguing, triple tonguing. Now the way that I practice that is I like to isolate the syllables of the
double tongue, okay, tew and kew, alright? Tewkoo, tewkoo, tewkoo, tewkoo tew.

So I’ll just isolate the tew, and then I’ll play the back end of that which is the koo. Notice I’m saying koo, not kuh. Okay, kuh is a little too far in the back for me. I like to say koo because it’s more forward. And I try to make that sound exactly like the single tone.

Okay so, that was just the koo. Now I like to do it backwards. kootew, kootew, koo.

Alright, trying to make that sound like the tew and the koo syllable.

Now we come along and we do the tewkoo, the regular way that you would do double tounging.

Single, or the tew.

The koo.


and forward. Tewkoo.

Trying to get them to all sound the same and that’s a great workout for your tongue. Get the muscle working. Works out different parts
of the tongue and then it also helps with your jazz articulations. So I hope that helps. Thanks.

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