Pull Off Licks – Romero Lubambo

King of Bossa Nova, Romero Lubambo goes over some tips for pulling off some expert pull-off licks!

Hello! Romero Lubambo for Two-Minute Jazz.

Talking today about pull-offs. Very important thing for my way of playing phrases, is the pull-offs. Which is the situation that you play one note, plucking with the right hand and you just pull the note with the left hand to play the second note that’s behind here.

So, this helps a lot in terms of:

So you can pull the pull-offs from the second to the first finger,
third to the first finger,
or the fourth to the first finger,
or the fourth to the second finger.

Those are more difficult when you use those two fingers here.
A very good exercise to do would be:

So, 3 – 1…

Actually, anything that you can think of in terms of practicing pulling the first note to play the second one, just with the left hand is very useful.

Thank you very much! “Boa sorte com a música” – Good luck with the music!

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