The Real Samba Rhythm – Edu Ribeiro

Modern Brazilian jazz monster Edu Ribeiro demonstrates how to take the samba school to the drum kit.

Hi, I am Edu Ribeiro and welcome to Two Minute Jazz. Today, we are going to talk about samba. Bringing the lines of the percussion from the drum set, we have three special lines to put together here.

The first one is the most important for the samba, and that’s the surdo that keeps the time for everybody. And the surdo can be very simple, or it could be a little syncopated, but it’s going to be hard to imitate with the bass drum. So it could be played less syncopated.

The other instrument is the tambourine, the small instrument that people play in the school of samba. But we have a special clav like that. I’m going to try to put together the tambourine and the bass drum imitating the surdo.

And another one that I’m going to play is the pandeiro that people play with two hands. I’m going to try to play all the sixteenth notes with my right hand on my hi-hat. Then I’ll try to put it all together.

There is another instrument called the agogô. I’m going to try to imitate two songs with my tom and my floor tom.

Okay, happy practicing and see you next time!

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