The Secret to Great Bossa Nova Feel – Romero Lubambo

King of Bossa Nova, Romero Lubambo gives you some secrets for how to master the Bossa Nova feel on Guitar.

Romero Lubambo for 2 Minute Jazz.

I’m talking today about – a little bit more
about what you can do with your right hand in terms of rhythm to add a little bit more spice to your Bossa Nova playing, for example.

So instead of just doing

Instead of just doing that, you can add some sixteenth notes, some muted notes and that’s gonna work like a percussive instrument playing with you. For example, like this.

I’m not playing the sixteenth continuously, otherwise, it would be like this.

But the effect of muting the notes, adds some
percussive elements to your playing.

But I’m always thinking about the sixteenth note.

Of course, you have to know, the basic pattern for the samba or the Bossanova, in this case. So you reinforce those notes and the other ones, muted.

Thank you so much for watching, I hope this helps a little bit. Develop on your own way, your own timing. This concept I think is very useful -for me, it was always very useful and I think it can help you a lot to be very close to the Brazilian percussion ensemble rhythms.

Thank you very much. “Boa sorte com a música” – Good luck with the music!

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