Brazilian Rhythms Exercises – Gregory Hutchinson | 2-Minute Jazz

Gregory Hutchinson breaks down a practice technique for working on Brazilian rhythms away from the drums.


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Something that I thought about, and that you guys should be able to do, when playing Brazilian rhythms, and a way that you can go about practicing this is really simple, you know I always talk about the bass drum, right? So check this out. Right?

That’s the bass drum, right? Now, you take your hands and you simply do this. Now right? It’s very simple: practice that every day, it gives you the feel, and then once you speed it up it’s like this. And you slow it down.

That’s my quick tip of the day, I know I’m gonna get some responses from that, but that’s Hutch’s take on how to get into the feel of playing some Samba – Peace.

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